Lee M Withey Ancestors

Genealogy- Woodruff and Powers lines

Genealogy- Mackie, Tillotson, Campbell, Judd, White, Hetfield, Rowley

James Mackie and Catherine Montgomery

James Mackie Birth:   Mar. 4, 1828 Death:   Nov. 20, 1903 Family links: Spouse:  Catherine Montgomery
Mackie (1841 – 1922)* Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto Toronto Municipality Ontario, Canada  Plot: M,  Created by: Kellylm
Record added: Jul 16, 2015 Find A Grave Memorial#49380921

Woodruff, Powers, Judd

Standing Left to Right. Kathy Gaertner- My Uncle Mack's first wife. Katherine Wallace, called Cocky. Bob Schnoor- husband of Barbara Wallace, called Bobbi. Lee Mackie Woodruff- My Uncle Mack. Charles Herbert Woodruff- My Uncle Chuck. Margaret Woodruff Withey- Mom. Georgianna Wallace, called Georgie. Seated Left to Right. Helen Woodruff, Wife of Uncle Chuck. She is holding son Bobbie. Nora Judd Powers called "Nono", Moms Grandmother. She is holding Mary Katherine Woodruff, called Mimi, Daughter of Uncle Chuck and Aunt Helen. Barbara Wallace Schnoor- Wife of Bob Schnoor, called Bobbi, Holds son Judd. This picture was taken at 445 Cherry Street. 

Lee Mackie Woodruff

Lee Mackie Woodruff and Louise Finlatter? Second marriage. 

Katherine "Bill" Powers Woodruff

Sept 1953 Beachwood Drive Grand Rapids. Bill is holding Baby Doc

Chuck, Peg and Mack 

Chuck, Peg and Mack Woodruff

Lee Woodruff and Louise

Lee Mackie Woodruff and Louise 

445 Cherry Street

Built in 1845. Amazing

445 Cherry Street- See the red roof

Above is the Charles Fox castle in Grand Rapids Michigan. The home next door with the red roof is the Damon Hatch home  which was owned by my Mother’s side of the family for many years, Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. My mothers great grandparents. 455 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan. The Architectural design of this home was way before its time considering it was built in 1845 for Damon Hatch!!!! Today this home looks the same although it's an office building. My Mom spent lots of time in this home when she was growing up and she remembers it very well. The home next door is the Fox Residence. Below is the Withey Mausoleum located in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.

445 Cherry Street

Very modern for it's time. Built in 1845

Lee, Peg, Bill and Von

The Home Guard

A very good looking famly indeed. Woodruff Powers Judd

Mom and dad sitting on the couch with Grandfather Lee Mackie Woodruff holding Thurber. On the back row left side is uncle Mack and Aunt Lois. Below wearing the white shirts- Tom on the left and Lee on the right. On the back row right side is Uncle Chuck and Aunt Helen. Below them are their children.  From left to right- Bobbi, Mimi, Chuckie and Jamie. Moms Mother "Bill" is sitting on the chair on the right and Bill's mother "Nono" Nora is sitting with young Doc.

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The Woodruff and Mackie Lines begin Lee Mackie Woodruff and Katherine Olive Powers. The Parents of Lee Mackie Woodruff were Herbert Arden B. Woodruff and Margaret Elizabeth Mackie. Charles Fredrick Powers and Nora “Nono” Lavinia Judd were the parents of Katherine Olive Powers. Katherine Olive Powers and Lee Mackie Woodruff were my grandparents on my mothers side

Lee Woodruff Bing Crosby

Some where there’s a picture of Grandfather holding big fish and Bing Crosby holding a little tiny fish


‍This is a great picture!!!

Lee M Withey

Whistler Blackcomb British Columbia 1983- Divine intervention. Amazing !!!!

Cousin Tom and mysef

At the Brown’s Home after visiting Grandma Louise Woodruff. 1980's

Bottom row on floor left to right-Bob Schnoor and Robert Woodruff. Second row seated right to left- Tom Woodruff, Kathy G. Woodruff,
Georgianna Wallace, Nora Powers "Nono" holding baby? Margaret Woodruff, Katherine Wallace. Top row standing left to right- Bob Schnoor,
Barbara Wallace Schnoor, Margaret Wallace, Lee M Woodruff, Katherine Woodruff "Bill", Charles Woodruff, Helen M. Woodruff,  Lee M Woodruff Jr. Baby girls left to right- Sally Schnoor and Mimi Woodruff

Katherine Olive Powers

Bride Katherine Olive Powers, Harriet Sexton, Dorthy Dexter, Ruth Reynolds? verify order

John Lothrope 

John Lothrop- Ship Griffin

With his group, he sailed on the Griffin and arrived in Boston on 18 September 1634

Wikipedia.org John LothropMinerdescent.com John LothropFindagrave.com Rev. John Lothrop

Samuel Fuller- Ship Mayflower

Jane, daughter of the Rev. John Lothrop & Hannah Howse arrived on Griffin also. Jane married Samuel Fuller. We are their direct descendants.  

An American Family History.com Samuel Fuller Findagrave.com Samuel Fuller

Rev. John Lothrop was the father of Jane Lothrop/Lathrop who married Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower.
Rev. John Lothrop/Lathrop's house still stands in Barnstable and is part of the Sturgis Library. Among the artifacts of Rev. John Lothrop is his bible.
Children of Jane Lothrop and Samuel Fuller: Hannah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Thomas, Sarah, John, and a child whose name is not recorded but who died 15 days after birth.
Samuel Fuller came on the Mayflower at the age of 12, with his father Edward Fuller. (He should not be confused with Doctor Samuel Fuller, his uncle, who also came on the Mayflower). Samuel's parents both died the first winter at Plymouth. Samuel was apparently raised by his uncle, and became a freeman of Plymouth in 1634. He married in Scituate the next year to Jane Lothrop, the daughter of Rev. John Lothrop and his first wife Hannah Howes. He and wife Jane would raise their family initially at Scituate, before moving sometime shortly before 1641 to Barnstable. He would live out the next forty years of his life in Barnstable. His probate records of 1683-1684 indicate that his wife predeceased him. He also bequeathed an Indian named Joel to his son John.


Katherine Olive Powers on the right

Four Generations Powers and Judd families