Lee M Withey Ancestors- Family Homes

Woodruff, Powers, Judd, Withey, Conant

Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White

This was the home of Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. My mothers great grandparents.445 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan. The Architectural design of this home was way before its time considering it was built in 1845 for Damon Hatch!!!! Today this home looks the same although it's an office building. My mom spent lots of time in this home when she was growing up and she remembers it very well. The home next door is the Fox Residence.

Lewis H. Withey, Maude Withey Robinson

50 College Ave Grand Rapids Michigan. This home was built for Maude Withey by her father Lewis Hinsdill Withey. Maude was married in this home to Samuel Harris who passed away at a young age. After that happened Maude never lived in the home again. My grandfather ended up with the home at the time when my father, uncle and aunt were in high school. Lewis Hinsdill Withey was my Grandfathers uncle. My grandfather was Lewis Hinsdill Withey II.

1936- Inside the office study at 445 Cherry Street. On the mantel is the painting that hangs on my office wall as I type. 2015

This was the home of Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. My mothers great grandparents.455 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan.

Harry A. Conant Home Monroe Michigan.

Charles Fox castle 455 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan. The home next door 445 Cherry Street, with the red roof, is the Damon Hatch home which was owned by my mother’s side of the family for many years beginning with Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S Withey Home 457 Paris Ave S.E.. Grand Rapids Michigan. 1927, The car in front belonged to my grandparent's Lewis and Elizabeth Withey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Withey Home on 64 College Ave S.E. Grand Rapids Michigan. 1890. Wow, this photo is 125 years old!

Home of Eleazer Conant and Dr. Harry Conant

Mansfield Connecticut, The home where Dr. Harry Conant was born- April-19-1790. Died Sept- 2- 1851 Monroe Michigan. He was the father of Harry Armitage Conant. Dr. Harry Conant's father was Eleazer Conant (1751 - 1819) Yale College (1776)

House of Shubael Conant, Jr. (1765)

The house at 552 Storrs Road in Mansfield Center was built around 1765 by Shubael Conant, Jr. (1739-1794). His father, Judge Shubael Conant (1711-1775) was a leading citizen of Mansfield and served as Speaker of the Connecticut General Assembly. As described in the second volume of Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College (1896), by Franklin Bowditch Dexter, Shubael Conant, Jr.:was born in Mansfield, Connecticut, on the 10th of August, 1739, being the eldest son of Judge Shubael Conant (Y. C. 1732) by his second marriage with Ruth Conant. Two brothers were graduated here in 1765 and 1776.He was a farmer in his native town, serving also in various town offices, and especially as Clerk of the Probate Court, of which his father was for some years Judge.He died in Mansfield in June, 1794, in his 55th year. His estate was bequeathed to his widow, and to his brother and nephews and nieces.He married Anna, third daughter of Peter and Rebecca (Storrs) Aspenwall, of Woodstock and Windham, Connecticut, who was born on October 26, 1748, and died in the early part of the year 1807.In 1813, the house was acquired by Isaac Arnold, a carpenter.

James Coleman Bondurant

Lucinda Gibson Bondurant