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I've always been interested in family history. My grandmother, Elizabeth A. Clore Withey, spent lots of time showing us family genealogy. She also spent lots of time researching, organizing and copying documents to be passed down. I've done additional research and found many new and interesting ancestors. Also, I've taken care of the pictures and documents that were passed down. I'm scanning photos and saving them in  TIFF uncompressed format for archiving. I started Legacy as my genealogy program and I'm enjoying the learning curve concerning source documentation. Lee M Withey

Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White

Amazing. The Architectural design of this home was way before its time considering it was built in 1845 for Damon Hatch. This home was owned by my Mother’s side of the family for many years beginning with Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. They were were my mothers great grandparents. Today this home looks the same although it's an office building. My Mom spent lots of time in this home when she was growing up and she remembers it very well.

Solomon Lewis Withey Family Mausoleum

My they all rest in peace
Solomon Lewis Withey, Marion Louise Hinsdill Withey, Lewis Hinsdill Withey II, Elizabeth Arney Clore Withey, Lewis Hinsdill Withey, Margaret Boyd McQuwan Withey, Maude Withey Robinson, Benjamin Clapp Robinson

The above picture is the Solomon Lewis Withey family mausoleum that is patterned after a Greek temple on the Acropolis at Athens. It is one of several Greek style monuments in Oakhill Cemetery in Grand Rapids Michigan. Solomon Lewis Withey was the first Federal Judge for the Western District of Michigan. He was born in 1820 and died in 1886. He was married to Marion Louise Hinsdill and they had 6 children.

Withey Mausoleum Grand Rapids Michigan

Source- Scott Harmsen.
Lee, Here’s a link to a video I created with Calvin College emeritus professor Ken Bratt about the Withey Mausoleum in Oak Hill Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

Lewis H. Withey, Maude Withey Robinson

Source- Lee M Withey Archives

Helen Conant Armitage's 80th Birthday Sept 9 1908

The above photo was taken September 9th 1908 on Helen Conant Armitage's 80th Birthday. Helen is at the end of the table sitting between the European Servants. At this end, with the napkin on his
knee, is Helen's Brother, Harry Armitage Conant. He is the Father of Marguerite who married Charles Shepard Withey. To Harry's right is his wife, Mary Morris Thurber. On her right is William Shubael Conant, the Son of John Shubael Conant who is sitting accross the table looking at the camera. On John Shubael's left is Tally Conant Hogarth. This is her home. On John's right is his wife, Mary McLaren. I'll write a few things from the large amount if info on hand. William S. Conant was a Cellist- Princeton Class of 1890 Bachelor of Arts and 1892 Electrical Engineering.  "Cellist William Shubael Conant 1890 eventually pursued a successful career as a consulting engineer, and on his death in 1951 left the University a Shit Load of money to endow the music professorship that bears his name. The William Shubael Conant Professor of Music chair at Princeton University" From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press
(1978). I replaced 250,000.00 with Shit Load. His Burial Memorial states
750,000.00, Lee M Withey. He worked 3 years for Westinghouse in Pittsburgh including the Long Distance Power Transmission Exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair. Later, in Detroit, he formed partnership Jesse Merrick Smith, later President of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. They designed and supervised the construction of electric light and power units, steam plants, interurban railways, factory, hotel and office building installations. After Jesse M. Smith moved to New York William continued and later became connected in a technical and managerial capacity with a number of manufacturing enterprises in the expanding city of Detroit. He served as Major of Ordnance during World War 1 at Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, where he was made
officer in charge of construction. His wife, Frances Elizabeth was the daughter of Lecturer and Writer, George R. Wendling. After retirement in 1923 they sold their house in Detroit, ​traveled in Europe and later purchased another home in Washington D.C. and a summer cottage in Bay Head New Jersey. His father, John Shubael was Captain in first Brigade 23rd Army Corps and engaged in the battle Tibbs Bend under General Moore and the battle of Franklin and Nashville under General Shofield. He was later in command of the Military Prison at Louisville.
This was actually a short military enlistment. He was a successful in business and also did extensive traveling in Europe with his wife. Later in life he was elected Commander of the Michigan Commandery of the Loyal Legion. Ok, I'll condense the following. My Great Grandfather, Harry Armitage Conant Studied Law at U of M. Afterwards, he was elected Alderman , Mayor, State Senator and Secretary of State of Michigan for two consecutive terms. In 1880 he went to Naples Italy, as U.S. Consul and many years later he held a long appointment as Consul in Windsor Ontario. He was Vice President of First National Bank of
Monroe and for many years until his death served as Director of the Union Trust Company of Detroit. Their only son, Thurber Died in 1891 while attending Princeton University. Their daughter Marguerite married Charles S. Withey. They are my Great Grandparents.

Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White

Above is the Charles Fox castle 455 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan. The home next door 445 Cherry Street with the red roof is the Damon Hatch home  which was owned by my mother’s side of the family for many years beginning with Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. See the other picture on this page.

Home of Eleazer Conant and Dr. Harry Conant

Mansfield Connecticut, The home where Dr. Harry Conant was born- April-19-1790. Died Sept- 2- 1851 Monroe Michigan. He was the father of Harry Armitage Conant. Dr. Harry Conant's father was Eleazer Conant (1751 - 1819) Yale College (1776)

House of Shubael Conant, Jr. (1765)


The house at 552 Storrs Road in Mansfield Center was built around 1765 by Shubael Conant, Jr. (1739-1794). His father, Judge Shubael Conant (1711-1775) was a leading citizen of Mansfield and served as Speaker of the Connecticut General Assembly. As described in the second volume of Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College (1896), by Franklin Bowditch Dexter, Shubael Conant, Jr.:was born in Mansfield, Connecticut, on the 10th of August, 1739, being the eldest son of Judge Shubael Conant (Y. C. 1732) by his second marriage with Ruth Conant. Two brothers were graduated here in 1765 and 1776.He was a farmer in his native town, serving also in various town offices, and especially as Clerk of the Probate Court, of which his father was for some years Judge.He died in Mansfield in June, 1794, in his 55th year. His estate was bequeathed to his widow, and to his brother and nephews and nieces.He married Anna, third daughter of Peter and Rebecca (Storrs) Aspenwall, of Woodstock and Windham, Connecticut, who was born on October 26, 1748, and died in the early part of the year 1807.In 1813, the house was acquired by Isaac Arnold, a carpenter.

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August-23rd-1893, Marguerite Stewart Conant far right and her bridesmaids. Charles Shepard Withey was the Groom.

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Elizabeth Arney Clore [Withey] Born 1905 Died 1988, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, She is resting at Oakhill Cemetery inside the Withey Mausoleum- 647 Hall Street S.E., Grand Rapids.

Harriet Louise Withey Born 26 Sep 1834 Vermont, Died 8 Oct 1910 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, Buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, Wife of Benjamin Caryl Tracy, Daughter of Solomon Withey and Clementine Granger, Mother of Estelle L. “Stella” Tracy. Photo source- Ancestry, Beardsley Ryder via clrobert77.